The Books of Late Night

Collected features and recommendations from nine seasons of Late Night with Seth Meyers.


300+ Books featured on late night

Late Night is a playground for the bookish. Seth Meyers is a lifelong book lover who has said that authors are among his favorite guests, a claim born out in the frequency with which they appear on the show.

Between guest spots and “Late Night Lit,” the show’s monthly literary podcast, hundreds of books have been featured over the years from a diverse array of authors and genres. 

The table below contains hundreds of books that have been promoted or recommended on Late Night and the Late Night podcast. There are also books that Seth has recommended publicly or that Late Night has featured on social media. You can change the filters and sorting on the data if you’re looking for a recommendation from a specific genre or form. 

This living database is thorough but not 100% complete; prior to season 10, books promoted by the first guest of the night or mentioned during the first act of the show are likely missing. 

Happy reading!