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Seth Meyers could not be happier about drunk Rudy Giuliani

The Jan. 6 committee held the second in a series of public hearings on Monday, seeking to establish that Trump knew he was lying about election fraud. Egging him on was Rudy Giuliani, who, to Seth Meyers’ delight, got the star treatment during the hearing as the most drunk person to suggest a coup.

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Mike Pence sits in the Oval Office with his eyes closed. Donald Trump is speaking to someone out of frame. Pence has his eyes closed, and has been Photoshopped to hold a sign that says "Meep Meep."

‘Sound the alarm’ that Republicans are shameless liars, Seth Meyers says Jan. 6 hearing

The Monday after hiatus week usually brings us a more heavily thematic segment than usual, and this week was no different. Late Night takes care to follow the through lines in the GOP’s body of work regardless of how absurd the events of the day are, but that practice is always very apparent in post-hiatus ‘A Closer Look’s, which have to contend with an entire week’s worth of mind-numbing news. This week’s theme? The GOP will defend Trump’s election lies at all costs.

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