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Corrections Recap | Summer Mugging (Episode 54)

Seth Meyers

Every Friday, Seth Meyers lovingly battles the Jackals of the internet for the right to claim that Late Night has reached perfection. For every episode, latenightist helps you keep track of the expanding Late Night Cinematic Universe and the Corrections world of running gags and inside jokes. 

Spoilers for “Corrections: Week of Monday, August 1” below. 

Woof, this is a rough summer for Late Night fans (and for Seth Meyers himself, who caught Covid for a second time). After a 2-week hiatus for the 4th of July, the show returned for a week and a half before the host came down with Covid. 

Seth bounced back quickly, which is great for his health but also for all the Jackals who were going feral after getting only six new shows in the month of July. It was a nice surprise to see Late Night return for 2 nights this week ahead of the longest break fans have had to endure in the show’s 8+ years in its current iteration. And it was an even nicer surprise to get a full-length Corrections heading into the break.

Mac Tonightmares

This is the third time the ‘80s-era McDonald’s mascot Mac Tonight has come up in the past couple of weeks, although it somehow already feels like a regular fixture of Corrections to me — maybe that’s part of its dark magic. 

I had never heard of Mac Tonight before Seth brought him up and I kind of wish I still hadn’t? Check out this line from the Wikipedia article: 

Originally conceived as a promotion to increase dinner sales by Southern California licensees, Mac Tonight's popularity led McDonald's to take it nationwide in 1987.

What was going on in the ‘80s that encouraged this?

Seth says that Mac Tonight was launched in 1987 “because McDonald’s wanted kids to have more nightmares,” which is something I’m choosing to believe.

And I guess the idea was that it was this … you know, the kids would just be terrified. He had a piano. The keys were made from the bones of his victims. And it would just, kids would be terrified and then they would wake up and they'd be super upset if they had seen Mac Tonight and then the only way to get them to calm down was to go to McDonald's.

The character, it turns out, was played by actor Doug Jones, of films like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water. You can probably guess what Seth said his character in The Shape of Water ended up as based on this progression, but slide below to find out.


Rudy's Cousin

The live audience may not always go for Late Night’s Rudy’s Cousin material, but I always do — so I love when it comes up in Corrections because there are no boring people in the room to suffocate the joke. (This is also one of the reasons I’m glad that Seth is willing to suffer through less-than-ideal live reactions for the sake of those of us at home.) 

Seth said that Rudy Giuliani played Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” when he married his second cousin in 1968, but the song wasn’t released until 1977.

So apologies to Rudy, as well as to the daughter of his first cousin.

Seth mentions that he hadn’t realized how long ago it was that Rudy married his cousin. I’ve never bothered to look it up. My knowledge of Rudy’s first wedding exists independent of time and space.

Friendly Neighborhood Photoshop

Seth accidentally said an image was “friendly Photoshop” instead of “Photoshop friendly” and blames it on having to visit the Friendly Neighborhood Photoshop before the computer program was a thing. He says Johnny Carson used to have to do the same thing in Burbank and broke out his Carson impression, which I’ll always get a kick out of. 

Similar to Seth (as he’s been saying since his SNL days), it took me a while to appreciate Johnny Carson as a late-night host. I used to have a fairly narrow range of comedic styles and forms that I could appreciate, but learning about the structures and practice of creating comedy as I’ve worked on this blog has completely changed how I experience it. 

I have so much more appreciation for the people and styles that I didn’t use to relate to now that I have that additional layer to analyze, and it’s been a blast to go back and watch material that I’d previously missed. 

Emmy Awards Updates

Seth has an idea for a new Emmys category: Best Line Reading on Television (i.e. the best pronunciation of a word that Seth had never heard pronounced that way). The nominees are both from The White Lotus: Molly Shannon saying “palm fronds” and Jennifer Coolidge saying “chaise lounge.” You’ll just have to watch it below because there’s truly no way to explain it. 

We also get an update on Seth’s opinions on his fellow nominees in the Outstanding Comedy, Drama or Variety Series category. Here’s what I predicted last week: 

Seth says he’ll campaign and vote for someone else if he thinks their entry is better than Corrections. I feel like he’s almost definitely going to end up promoting I Think You Should Leave.

Here’s what Seth said today:

Pains me to say it. If you're wondering who I think the winner is, to quote the great Bob Dylan, "It's not me, lady." It's Tim Robinson. "I Think You Should Leave" is … "Coffin Flop" alone. It deserves the Emmy. And if you haven't seen "Coffin Flop," go on Netflix and watch "Coffin Flop."

August Hiatus

As I mentioned at the top, Late Night is about to go off-air until September in their longest hiatus since Seth took over the franchise in 2014.

This is not our fault. It's the fault of, really, the summer TV viewer, who doesn't enjoy watching television in the summer. And NBC executives took us aside and said, "You know what people want in the summer? It's, like, more like 'FBOY Island' and less like your show." And we said, "What if we made our show a little bit more like 'FBOY Island'?" And they said, "Well, what's the closest thing you have to an F-boy?" And we said, "Scollins?" And they said, "Take off August."


A Conclusion to the Jackal Mug Saga

OK, so this mug thing has gone down in the funniest way possible. To refresh, Jackals have been clamoring for merch since it first became clear that Corrections was around to stay — and especially since Seth debuted his first custom Corrections mug in “Not in the Body of the Show (Week of Monday, June 7).” 

Things ramped up when Seth announced during “The Return of Mikey the Shoe (Week of Monday, March 14)” that Jackals would get to vote (via @SeaCaptainPolls) on which of his custom mugs to turn into actual merch. The winning designs from #MerchMadness were announced in April and the mugs went into production, leading to some delightful bits about the NBC merchandise people.

Two sides of the same mug: One says "Late Night with Correction Jackals" in the style of the Late Night with Seth Meyers logo, and the other side has a cartoon image of a jackal typing at a laptop.
Late Night with Seth Meyers/NBC

Here’s where things got interesting: On July 19, I noticed that Corrections merch was finally available at the NBC Store and posted about it, then anxiously awaited that week’s Corrections to see if Seth was chronically online enough to have noticed the cluster of people freaking out about it on Twitter. 

Imagine my confusion when this was the mug update on July 22:

I got an update today on the mugs. I got some very exciting news about the mugs… and I was told I could make a very exciting announcement about the mugs. And then right before I came out, someone ran up to me and said, "Don't say anything about the mugs!" But I think it's pretty close, you guys.

I figured at that point that Seth must not have had any idea that the mugs were already online, which was terrible timing considering that LNSM was heading straight into a 2-week hiatus. 

The two new varieties had disappeared from the store by the next week — and then the real mug finally dropped. I posted about it more or less as Corrections was filming and sat back hoping that Seth had finally caught up on the mug saga so I could get an explanation. 

He had! This is what happened:

We were gonna announce the mug two "Corrections" ago and then, last minute, I mentioned this on that "Corrections." Actually, it was one "Corrections," but two weeks ago. It was like, "Whoa, it's not in the store yet. Don't announce it." So I didn't announce it. Then, obviously, I have COVID.

In that time, though, a really weird thing happened. They started selling a different "Corrections" mug at the NBC Store. It looked like this. There were actually two of them, and that was at the NBC Store. And so we were shocked because we've had a lot of conversations about the mug and all of a sudden a mug that I've never seen before was in the NBC Store.

Here’s what’s killing me, though: Seth says that producer Eric Leiderman wrote him an email explaining what had happened and that he was going to read it during Corrections but it was too long. Again, I wish you could FOIL late-night shows. I’m nosy! I want the details! 

Anyway, Seth says that he feels terrible for anyone who bought the mugs because “this is not an official Corrections mug. I mean, you have a mug, and it’s — look, it says ‘Corrections Jackal’ and I hope you enjoy it — but it’s a little bit like, you know, you think you bought a Chanel bag and you get home and your friend’s like, ‘That says Channel.'”

He did find a bunch of Corrections mugs on Etsy that he liked and pointed out how absurd it is that it took a major corporation nearly a year to produce a mug while people were churning out unofficial versions the entire time. 

A black mug that says "Corrections Jackals" in purple with an orange-to-purple gradient outline of a jackal, and a white mug that says "Corrections Jackal" with an ancient Egypt-themed Jackal.

It was refreshing to see Seth appreciate the effort the Etsy Jackals put into their mugs. Not that I would’ve expected him to be an asshole, but we take our wins where we can get them in an every-corporation-for-itself world. 

I think any mug you want to buy for yourself that you think best represents the kind of jackal you are, I think go for it, because if we've learned anything from this journey of Corrections, there are no right answers.

One last thing on the mugs: Seth joked that the little pine cones in one of the mug photos from Etsy were “like a couple of Jackals’ nuts” and said he liked a different photo with binder clips because “thanks to that, I know exactly how big it is.” There are multiple sizes of binder clips, though.

Odds & Ends

A few of the main jokes that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Seth opened the episode by referring to another episode of “Summer Corrections as “summerections” and said that Corrections is easier the rest of the year because “summerections are hard.” 

Seth got called out for saying that Trump got an ice cream headache from a Wendy’s Frosty, which isn’t technically ice cream. This is one of those gotcha corrections that I’m always “meh” on. A Frosty is colloquially ice cream. Whatever. But also, try “brain freeze” in the future. 

It took almost 6 years to get from Pandora to Earth in Avatar, which Seth says means that you could get to Pandora and back by the time Avatar 2 comes out. A Jackal pointed out that in James Cameron’s defense, “the reason Avatar 2 is taking so long is they’re filming it on location.” 

Some people were confused about the Kelly Rowland joke in last week’s Corrections so Seth says to go back and watch again. He also explains it on the back of this week’s card; full text below.

Title Card | Summer Mugging

Back of Card | I said my favorite portmanteau was the word for when you have a beer with your fiancée which is called a Kelly Rowland. A portmanteau blends the sounds and combines the meanings of two other words. If you took the ‘be’ from ‘beer’ and the “ancée” from “fiancée” you would have “Beyoncé,” but rather than say that I used a comedic technique called a misdirect and instead said “Kelly Rowland.” This was VERY funny because she was also in Destiny’s Child. Are you happy now? Was that satisfying?

Jackal Mug | Official Corrections mug!

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Watch “Summer Mugging” (Week of Monday, August 1) below. 

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