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Corrections Recap | We’re Back! (Episode 80)

A gray 3D-printed figure with the body of a jackal and the head of Seth Meyers.

Every Friday, Seth Meyers hates to love battling the Jackals of the internet for the right to claim that Late Night has reached perfection. For every episode, latenightist helps you keep track of the expanding Late Night Cinematic Universe and the Corrections world of running gags and inside jokes. 

Spoilers for “Corrections Episode 80: Week of Monday, October 2” below.

Welcome back, Jackals! Now that the Writer’s Guild has bargained for a fair contract and suspended their strike, the late-night shows are back and we can finally focus on what’s important: Corrections. If you missed late-night’s weirdest weekly segment, you’re not alone: Seth missed you too, or as he also put it, he “made a co-dependency with a bunch of fucking Jackals.” 

Post-Strike Vibes

Our first Corrections back couldn’t have started off more fittingly: Seth was interrupted within seconds of starting this week’s taping.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Seth asked, noting that it was Wally and Scollins who could be heard talking in the background. “Is nothing sacred in this place?” 

Mind you, this is coming on the heels of this season’s Emmy nominations, which included Late Night with Seth Meyers for Outstanding Talk Series for the second year in a row, and for Outstanding Writing for the first time since 2020 — but which snubbed Corrections for the first time. (Here are the five nominees, two of which I have major beef with; I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.) 

Seth says the lack of Emmy nom for Corrections means the segment will have a looser vibe now, if that’s possible, because he’ll no longer be “chasing the Emmy gold” (with “chasing” doing a LOT of tongue-in-cheek work there):

I didn't start doing the corrections I thought were important to do. I started doing the corrections that I thought the voters would want me to do. And now I can just go back to the integrity of the work, which is what this has always been. Because I think, when done right, this is unlike anything you watch on... I don't know, your phone? Propped against the toaster while you're drinking coffee?
Seth Meyers

A Jackal accusing the show’s writers of providing forced laughter for Corrections led to Seth claiming not to need forced laughter because “I’ve got Buck,” as in Buck Buchanan, LNSM‘s jib operator. Seth explains that Buck’s laughter isn’t forced but is more likely a trauma response from having been forced to laugh as a kid.

That Buck is a friendly laugher has been a running joke since episode 24, the last episode that took place before the studio audience returned to 8G. At the time, Seth said “we all know what Buck’s laugh sounds like” as an example of how the audience-less shows ended up being “pretty wonderful.” 

Buck’s laughter has come up a few times since: 

  • Specjackular: Seth thanks Buck for his laughs and says, “Not all the jokes and corrections are great, but Buck can’t tell. You should all be so lucky to have a Buck in your life.”
  • Episode 60: A Jackal asks who can be heard laughing in the background of every episode. Seth says, “I’ll give you a dollar if you can guess his name. Or, to put it another way, I’ll give you a buck.”
  • Episode 77: Seth is accused of paying his staff to laugh. He says he pays them per laugh, and that “it’s like $9 that I split among most everybody. But Buck just bought his second yacht.”
Moving on from Buck, we get to my first correction of the new season: Seth asks if it’s worth it to do Corrections for “the last week of shows we did five months ago that went uncorrected.” Sure, this is a bit setup, but I’m here to throw cold water all over the premise. The writers went on strike starting on Tuesday, May 2. Episode 79 covered the week prior, meaning that the only days that fell through the cracks were May 1 (because of the strike) and April 27 (because Corrections is taped before Thursday shows air). 
Anyway, Seth claims that he has a photographic memory of the show and has spent the strike beating himself up over the corrections that got away — including one about the sun and moon that was probably just included so Seth could tease Mike Shoemaker: “Apologies, by the way, to Shoemaker’s neighbors. Can’t imagine you had a good five months.”

Gen X Pop Culture Corner

Despite it being my parents’ generation, much of what I know about Gen X pop culture I’ve learned from Corrections. Usually I’ll watch a new episode once all the way through just for fun, then immediately replay it to pause and google any references I don’t understand. Sometimes it’s tricky because I’m starting with a screen grab of an art card or a single word or phrase that I can tell I’m missing context for, but fortunately this week Seth took mercy on those of us who were raised in very ~of the moment~ pop cultural environs.

He had a problem with a pre-strike correction: that the Stevie Nicks song commonly referred to as “White-Winged Dove” is actually called “Edge of Seventeen.”

“Don’t ‘Baba O’Riley’ your songs,” Seth responds to the Jackals. “Make it be the title people want it to be.”

I’ll admit that I was so lost on that reference that I googled “Baba O’Reilly” to start my search, only to learn that Seth was referring to The WHO’s “Baba O’Riley,” more often referred to as “Teenage Wasteland.” 

A Jackal had also said that the sound Stevie Nicks makes in “Edge of Seventeen” is more akin to an owl than a dove, which gave Seth an idea for a bit that would involve replacing the dove sounds with real owl sounds.

The reason we didn't do that is when you use a song, due to music licensing, it can't be on YouTube. And I'm not complaining. That's the rule for everything. You know, we put a song in "Corrections," it comes off YouTube. Same is true of "Carpool Karaoke."
Seth Meyers

Seth then says he regrets being critical of Stevie Nicks because he doesn’t want to wake up with a scarf on his pillow, setting up a later bit that he deconstructs in real time as he wonders whether pulling out the scarf that he’s run up his sleeve will pay off the way he’d originally hoped. 

A Few Quick Notes on the GOP

After a quick dig at Tucker Carlson, Seth brought back Ron DeSantis’ pudding fingers to discuss which fingers we think he used, which gives me an excuse to bring back this: 

Seth Meyers pantomiming scooping pudding with his fingers and eating it
Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

During the first episode back, Seth told a joke about Trump’s indictments predicated on the Unabomber only having had one — but was reminded that Ted Kaczynski’s nickname was based on his bombings mostly focusing on universities and airplanes. Seth thanks former LNSM writer Conner O’Malley for sending the Unabomber info. 

There are a couple of Trump-related Star Trek corrections that I’ve just decided to move on from. I’ve watched it back, read the transcript multiple times … I don’t know what it is about Star Trek with me but whenever it comes up on Corrections it’s like Seth dropped that Italian fake English video into the middle of the segment. 

As far as other GOP-related corrections go, Fox News fucked up their chyron during the House Speaker brouhaha (calling Trump the “fromer” president), and Seth does a bit imagining how The Honeymooners wouldn’t work out with Trump and Melania as the leads because Melania could just threaten to spill his dirty secrets when he got out of pocket. 

The P.O. Box in Callback City

I’ve seen a lot of Jackals online this week curious about whether Seth would take the strike as an opportunity to start fresh on Corrections or whether he’d pick back up where we left off, and I was relieved to see that he went with the latter. 

This week’s P.O. Box haul reminded Seth that Corrections wasn’t nominated for an Emmy, which he’s totally unbothered by. One Jackal sent a LEGO Seth in a LEGO sweater, a callback to both the catalyst for Corrections and the runner that started in Episode 22 with a monologue that drew such a shocked laugh from the crew that I’ve been trying to identify the laugher ever since.

LEGO Seth is standing next to an Emmy, which regular Seth takes as the joke of the piece since he’s totally unbothered by not being nominated.  

Next up from the P.O. Box, we have a little ceramic (I think?) Mac Tonight figurine with the tiniest little Jackal sticking out of its pocket. Mac came with an ad insert for a Pizza Hatz accessory (sold separately). Start with episode 36 if you want to catch up on the Pizza Hatz lore.  

Finally, Seth pulls out an offering for the “Seth fans who are also Jackal fans”: a gray 3D-printed Jackal with Seth’s head and a giant tail. 

“I mean, it’s the most haunting thing I’ve ever seen,” he says. He eventually pulls out a matching white Seth-Jackal and makes them kiss like a toddler playing with dolls from Shein, which is the most haunting thing I’ve ever seen. Seth acknowledges that maybe the Emmys weren’t missing out this time around. (Wrong!) 


Odds & Ends

  • Seth is drinking a Negroni. 
  • Why is Taco Bell just now getting a breakfast taco? 
  • Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles, not his ACL, which gives Seth an opportunity to joke about doing his own research (since Rodgers is anti-vax). 
  • Seth was told that putting “woman” after “lesbian” is redundant, but that’s not always the case. There are nonbinary lesbians, meaning people who identify outside of the gender binary and who are attracted to women and nonbinary folks. Be careful when you’re making corrections about marginalized communities, fellow Jackals (: 
  • During A Closer Look on Wednesday, Seth said that watching Kevin McCarthy with Trump was like “watching the alien and the predator team up for a podcast called “No Hard Feelings.” Jackals said the headphones weren’t placed where their ears would be. 
the aliens and predator sitting in a recording studio wearing headphones where humans would wear them, as if they have ears placed where humans do.

Title Card | We’re Back

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