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Late Night’s Corrections merch is finally officially available

Update, Aug. 4, 2022 at 6:27 pm: It’s for real this time, at least according to the NBC Store: The official mug of Corrections is finally here! Read on if you, like me, are losing your mind over the two disappearing mug designs from July. 

A graphic from the NBC Store website says "Calling all Jackals! Your mug has arrived! The official mug of Corrections!
Late Night with Seth Meyers/NBC Store

The mystery behind Late Night‘s disappearing Corrections merch took a new turn on Thursday when a third Corrections-themed mug became available at the NBC Store just a few days after the original designs were removed.

The third mug design was actually the winner of the #MurchMadness tournament Seth Meyers held on Twitter this spring (via @SeaCaptainPolls): a Jackal (hyena?) at a laptop on one side and “Late Night with Correction Jackals” on the other.

The original two merch designs went live in July and were removed from the NBC Store earlier this week. One featured a Jackal with the callback phrase “Jackal Paws Tackle Flaws” and the other said “Corrections Jackals” with copy-editing marks.

I’ve always wondered which extremely niche thing I’d end up spending the rest of my life trying to track down at thrift stores, and I can already tell that those missing Corrections mugs are going to haunt me until I get my hands on them — whether via the NBC Store or … elsewhere. 

Jackals have been clamoring for Corrections merch nearly from the segment’s inception, but things didn’t kick into what might loosely be called a gear until Dec. 2021, when Seth proposed the Late Night with Correction Jackals mug as Corrections merch with an aside that “every dollar we raise, which I think is really cool, is going to go to me.”

It’s unclear whether Seth knows that merch has made it to the NBC Store twice now. He said during the last Corrections taping (for the week of July 18) that he was told not to say anything about it — despite the original two designs having already been released at the time of taping.

It’s also unclear if either of the original mugs will make a return, so count yourself lucky if you got in on the first round instead of procrastinating like I did. 

It’s additionally unclear when the next episode of Corrections will land and whether Seth will give a merch update. (And it’s unclear why I’m so obsessed with this saga, aside from general nosiness and under-stimulation.) 

Grab your #MurchMadness winner at the NBC Store before it (potentially) disappears. Peruse all of the past Corrections mugs with context here.