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Seth Meyers loses ‘Frisbee’ NBA Finals bet to Andy Samberg

When the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship on Thursday night with Game 6 of the best-of-seven series, Seth Meyers must have had more on his mind than his Boston Celtics losing.

The Late Night host said during Wednesday’s broadcast that he and Andy Samberg, a Golden State Warriors fan, had made a bet at the beginning of the series that the supporter of the winning team would get to write something about Seth’s Italian Greyhound, Frisbee, that the other person would have to read on-camera.

“The reason this is interesting and the stakes are high is that Andy Samberg hates my dog Frisbee and often says that she looks like a rat. In his defense, that’s because he’s a terrible person. ”
— Seth Meyers

Considering that the last time Andy was on Late Night, his idea of torturing Seth was to play out a scenario in which Andy had a lot of mummy sex with a dog, it’s likely that Andy will write some hilariously torturous things for Seth to read on-air. We’ll just have to wait along with Seth and find out.

Watch the video from Wednesday’s broadcast below.