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Bill Hader passes the ‘impression guy’ torch to Seth Meyers

Barry creator and star Bill Hader zoomed into Late Night on Tuesday to talk about season 3 of Barry and the repetition of press junkets, before being taken on a tour of a few of Seth Meyers’ favorite impressions.

The two friends couldn’t contain their laughter as Seth went through his Al Pacino, Vince Vaughn and Michael Keaton impressions before Seth asked the former SNL star to let everyone know that he’s the “impression guy” now.

“You’re not on SNL; you’re just doing these on your show?” Bill asked.

“Yeah, I’m just doing ‘em here now,” Seth replied.

The host’s interviews with his old SNL friends are among his funniest, and this one didn’t disappoint. Watch the entire segment below. Bill’s trip to Impression Camp starts at 06:57.