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Billy Porter: ‘We need to put some joy out into the world’

Billy Porter Speaks to Seth Meyers on Late Night

Billy Porter was nothing but sunshine on Wednesday night when he stopped by Late Night to promote his directorial debut: Anything’s Possible, a romantic comedy about a trans high school student during her senior year. 

Billy talked to Seth Meyers about what it was like to tell an LGBTQ+ story — particularly a trans story — that’s about happiness instead of trauma, telling Seth that “we need to put some joy out into the world.” 

I was so drawn to this piece because it's about trans joy. It's about celebration. It's about the normalizing and the humanizing of a group of people that have been dehumanized. And so it's in the spirit of old John Hughes movies, coming-of-age rom-coms, and the characters look like what the world looks like today. And I just feel so blessed to be able to sort of usher this kind of art out into the world. It's really lovely.

The two also talk about the Pittsburgh roots shared by director and film, Billy’s pandemic caftan discovery and his progress toward becoming Head Bitch in Charge. 

Watch the video below.