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Desus and Mero flip the script, take Seth Meyers day drinking | VIDEO

Desus, Mero and Seth Meyers at Dallas BBQ

Seth Meyers is at the top of the field of late-night day drinkers, but Desus Nice and The Kid Mero weren’t about to let him play only home games.

The hosts of Showtime’s Desus & Mero took Meyers to Dallas BBQ in Times Square for a day-drinking segment of their own, introducing him to the New York institution’s “Super Texas Size” 32-ounce frozen cocktails, which offer a blackout and a hangover for only $19.99.

Since the three were ostensibly at the restaurant for a cocktail tasting, they quickly cycled through a few of the massive drinks, with Meyers mostly opting to stick to the added shots because of the drinks’ sweetness.

The best of Meyers’ own ‘Day Drinking’ segments are the ones he does with his friends (with the notable exception of Rihanna), and the vibes in this Showtime crossover are right on target. Hopefully all three remember Meyers’ promise to invite the Bodega Boys the next time he goes day drinking, because the three together never get old.

It’ll probably be a while, though: Meyers’ ‘Day Drinking with Post Malone’ segment just aired on June 7, and he typically only does 1–2 per year.

Watch ‘Lit Day Drinking & Dallas BBQ ft. Seth Meyers’ below.