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‘Eleutheria’ makes a hopeful case for combating climate change

Award-winning writer Allegra Hyde joined Late Night on Tuesday night to promote her recently published book, Eleutheria, a novel set in a frustratingly familiar near future in which climate change is wreaking havoc worldwide.

Hyde set Eleutheria in the near future, she said, because “it felt like the near future was a way to think ahead, to kind of see where we’re heading, but not be so far into a doomsday scenario where we can’t really connect with it emotionally.”

As Seth Meyers pointed out in the interview, the book ultimately has a message of hope. Hyde said she wants the book to be an example of what’s possible:

“I wanted to show readers what it might look like and what it might take to come together to solve this crisis. It’s really a book about activism, ultimately. I’m of the belief that we do have the tools right now to solve climate change. It’s just a matter of using them.”


The story is told through the eyes of Willa Marks, a young woman whose idealism embodies Hyde’s intention. The protagonist has to decide, after growing up in a country and on a planet that seemed to hold very little promise, that a better future is worth fighting for.

Find Eleutheria at a local independent bookstore or public library, and watch the full interview with Allegra Hyde below.