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John Mulaney forced Seth Meyers back into a suit and fans are revolting

John Mulaney caused a ruckus on Late Night on Wednesday night when he made host Seth Meyers ditch the business casual look he’s been rocking since the show was filming in his attic in 2020.

Mulaney walked on stage at Studio 8G wearing a suit and holding another, which Meyers, wearing a dark crewneck, quickly found out was meant for him.

You remember 18 months ago, when you and all those people tricked me and confronted me and told me my life was going downhill and I needed to make some changes? … Let’s talk about the way you dress on air.

After telling Meyers that he dresses as though he “had a date and didn’t want to wear the same clothes at work, so you stopped at the Gap in Astor Place and bought a sweater,” Mulaney talked the Late Night host into putting on the dress shirt, tie and jacket:

John Mulaney and Seth Meyers laughing on the set of Late Night as Seth wears a hastily put-on suit.

While Meyers had switched back to his sweater in time for the show’s next segment, his fans took to YouTube the next day to make it known that in their opinion, the comedian shouldn’t get any big ideas about bringing suits back to Late Night.

If Seth in a suit becomes the norm again I will riot

Not trying to like, threaten NBC or anything but… there will be roving bands of jackals rioting and causing general chaos if the suit comes back. We’re trying to look out for them.

Hundreds of comments on the video of Mulaney’s suit intervention had the same message: The suit is dead. Long live the sweater.

It kills my soul symbolically somehow to see Seth in a suit

Fans of Late Night said the casual look they’ve gotten used to over the years made them feel “safe,” “comfortable” and cozy,” and that ditching the suit had made Meyers more relatable and looser on set.

The more casual vibe makes it feel more authentic, like we’re friends laughing at the same joke, rather than watching a performance.

Some commenters said they’ve been comforted that Meyers has kept his more casual look because of its connection to the first stage of the pandemic, when many of the usual layers that separate host and viewer were abandoned and Meyers developed a closer relationship with his fans.

You started dressing casual during lockdown and I feel like that’s when the show really came into its own. It’s when I truly started watching every single day because I loved the vibe. The casual clothes remind me of that time during lockdown where we all felt so bonded over the show.

Seth back in a suit now – after EVERYTHING (the attic, the thorn birdssss, the murder hornets, the sea captain…) – just feels wrong – I love the whole more relaxed vibe. John rocks a suit, always has, always will (I can picture him as a child in a crib in a suit & he looks good) – enjoying the more relaxed, in every way, Seth

Others said that with society overall having become much more casual, dressing formally on late-night TV can feel archaic:

Not everyone has to dress like a realtor from the 50s. Please keep the suit away.

Casual Seth is best Seth. Talkshow hosts wearing suits is an artifact of a bygone era.

Fans don’t have anything to worry about, though, sartorially speaking. Although the show is already known for paying attention to and incorporating viewer feedback, Meyers said during a Q&A at the Tribeca Festival earlier this month that there’s one major reason suits don’t make sense for Late Night:

We made a choice not to go back to wearing suits, mostly because the show’s on at 12:30 (at night) and I don’t think anybody who’s watching is wearing a fucking suit. If people were wearing suits in their home at 12:30, I would put my suit back on.

And a few people even used Meyers’ body language during the segment as evidence that it was just a bit:

love that Seth refuses to fix that collar.

I love that seth did everything in his power not to do up the rest of the suit. He humoured the hell out of Mulaney

Meyers has hosted Late Night in a suit on only one occasion since March 2020: to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise with its creator, David Letterman. It seems the bar has been set for formal attire on Late Night, and its (thankfully) a high one.

I love that everyone in this comment’s section is getting angry at John and panicking about Seth going back to suits even though he probably won’t and this was just a bit lmao