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A full recap of ‘Tiny Secret Whispers,’ Seth Meyers’ favorite streaming show

One of Seth Meyers‘ favorite shows of 2021 was Tiny Secret Whispers, which he claimed aired Sunday nights on the Butternut/Bytternyt streaming service. Much of Seth’s commentary on Tiny Secret Whispers isn’t available on YouTube, so I’ve rounded it all up below with the available videos. (I’m holding out hope that the show could still be renewed for a second season — they may just be working on a Documentary Now! production schedule.)

I reference “Secret Tiny Whispers” when Seth calls it that. You also might notice that the broadcast dates I’ve included don’t match up on at least one of the videos; that’s because they weren’t all posted the day after broadcast.

Read on to catch up on everything Tiny Secret Whispers had to offer in its first season.

Jan. 27, 2021 | Seth has a new favorite show

Seth tells producer Mike Shoemaker that one of the nice things about the post-Trump era is getting to catch up on all the shows he’s missed, including his new favorite, Tiny Secret Whispers or Secret Tiny Whispers — he can’t remember which. He recommends streaming it and lays out the plot:

“It’s about a couple that looks perfect, but not so much, Shoemaker. He’s an architect. She used to be a ballerina; now she’s a life coach. I don’t want to give too much away, but in the first episode there’s a person who starts alive and is dead by the end. Gotta check it out.”
— Seth Meyers

Feb. 2, 2021 | Tiny Secret Whispers is weird as hell

In TSW’s second episode, we find out that the killer cuts off his victims’ hands and sews them back on with the arms switched, so — according to Seth, who watches on Roku — “when you see the body, at first you’re like, ‘Oh my god,’ and then you’re like, ‘Huh?’”

Feb. 9, 2021 | Double Trouble with the dentist

Seth says you can stream TSW on Apple TV, but it’s not an Apple TV show.

In the latest episode of the show, the dentist of Packer and Lis, the couple at the center of Tiny Secret Whispers, was murdered — and Packer had a dentist appointment right before it happened. When Lis asks if he was the last person to see the dentist alive, Packer says he didn’t end up going, a lie made obvious by his intense novocaine slur.

Meanwhile, Packer and Lis’ twins are arousing suspicions of their own, mostly since they fit the creepy twins trope. They don’t say much, but look at one another whenever anyone else speaks.

Seth says he thinks it’s good the twins are played by two different actors, because one actor playing both might lead you to think of Armie Hammer.

Feb. 24, 2021 | Tiny Secret Whispers is snubbed by the Academy

Secret Tiny Whispers (remember that Seth can’t keep track of the name) missed out on a Golden Globes nomination, but Seth is convinced that it’ll be nominated in 2022 because it gets better each week.

He even gets goosebumps from the opening credits, which feature drops of blood spelling the actors’ names on a microscope slide, and a haunting theme song: “Behind every door there’s another door; behind that door there’s a secret.”

There is one line of dialogue that Seth thinks is overused in TSW: In almost every episode, Packer says “You think I don’t know that?”

Mar. 2, 2021 | One of these things is not like the other

Seth relates that the previous episode of TSW ended with Detective Delgado chasing who was thought to be the killer across the rooftops, dropping his gun in the process. The two shots that went off were thought to have killed the detective, but the bullets just went by each of his ears.

In the latest episode, Delgado can’t tell how loudly he’s speaking and ends up shouting all the time. He suspects the twins and has them take a DNA test, leading to Lis learning that one of the twins isn’t hers.

“That’s the kind of twist — it’s just so good because it’s real. Because then you start thinking, what if you were a parent who found out one of your identical twins wasn’t yours? ”
— Seth Meyers

Mar. 9, 2021 | Crikey!

Seth didn’t sleep well the night before because he watched the new episode of Secret Tiny Whispers and “I just was tossing and turning all night thinking about it.” (Shoemaker still refuses to catch up.)

Seth is also falling in love with the actor who plays Packer, Joel Edgerton (with a hard D and G, not to be confused with the Joel Edgerton we’re familiar with). Both Edgerton and Edgerton are Australian, but Seth says the TSW actor isn’t quite as good at hiding his accent, letting a “crikey!” slip out every time he hears about a new murder.

On to the plot: Lis tells Delgado that there’s no way the twin boys could be involved in the murders, because the twins were home every night that there was a murder.

Packer points out that they always heard both twins, but only saw one of them — meaning one of the twins could have been pretending to be both (since their voices are the same).

Lis says one word in response: “Crikey!”

Mar. 16, 2021 | A hint from the past

Secret Tiny Whispers is available on Butternut, Seth says, which is a “new service that specializes in American shows where none of the main characters are played by American actors.” He highly recommends signing up.

In the latest episode, one of the twins is arrested for murder. Lis is beside herself and frustrated that Packer doesn’t seem all that concerned, but he tells her that that’s why they had twins: “because if one was arrested, we’d still have a kid in the house.”

When Lis tells him that’s not why they had twins, he falls back on his old standby: “You think I don’t know that?”

Lis goes to the police station gym to confront Detective Delgado about arresting her son and sees in the mirror that he’s on the treadmill. She freezes and backs out of the room, but viewers don’t see why she leaves.

Back at home, Lis runs to her den bookshelf and frantically — and very physically — searches for what turns out to be a yearbook for Long Meadow Academy. A flashback to the gym shows that Delgado was wearing a shirt with the same name on it.

Flipping through the yearbook, she finds that Anthony Delgado and Packer Charlesworth were high school classmates. Checking the index eventually leads her to a photo of her husband and Delgado smiling arm in arm, featured on the superlatives page.

The superlative they won? Most likely to get away with murder.

Mar. 23, 2021 | The Babysitter Detective Agency

Secret Tiny Whispers streams on Butternut, which charges $5 with commercials or $10 for no commercials. You can also subscribe to just commercials and Butternut will Venmo you $3.50.

Seth isn’t a fan of the streaming platforms advertising tactics, though:

“In New York, like, you just see Butternut ads on buses now a lot, subway benches. I don’t love the ad. Says, “When everyone’s talking about a hot new show, you Butternut miss it.” So it took me a bunch of times before I realized.”
— Seth Meyers

Last night’s episode introduced Adabelle, Lis’ oldest friend, who you can tell means business because of the way she yells at people on the phone. (Watch below to see Seth save himself after pronouncing “depositions” like “despositions.”)

Over brunch, Lis tells Adabelle that she’s worried about Packer but doesn’t trust the police, and doesn’t know how to figure out what’s going on without Adabelle’s help.

“Are you saying it’s time to get the babysitter detective agency back together?” Asks Adabelle.

The rest of the episode is a flashback to the women’s middle-school detective agency, which Seth doesn’t like because the stakes are too low when you’re trying to solve the case of a neighbor’s missing cat. Oddly, Adabelle’s character is played by a younger actress, but Lis’ younger character was played by the same actress as modern Lis.

“It’s a bad episode,” Seth says.

Apr. 14, 2021 | What is Adabelle really up to?

Tiny Secret Whispers returned after the 2-week hiatus they took to avoid airing on either side of Holy Week, which Seth says makes sense because “when you think about it, tiny secret whispers is kind of like the standard operating procedure of the Catholic Church.”

Seth takes issue with TSW’s recaps at the start of the show, because “Previously on Tiny Secret Whispers” is actually whispered, leading viewers to think they’ve already seen the episode when they see the recap clips.

Adabelle has been tracking Packer while Lis is at the couple’s beach house. In the latest episode, Lis is sitting on the porch wrapped in “maybe one too many scarves,” and has “really too big a tea,” which she’s thoughtfully sipping.

Seth says it takes him out of the episode because the Foley artist who recorded the slurping sounds in post-production went overboard.

Lis is at the beach house with her son, who we find out is named Chote (the arrested one is named Phillip Sexeter). When she asks Chote if his classmates are making fun of him because his brother was arrested, he tells her that they don’t know that Phillip was arrested because he’s been living both of their lives.

Lis tells Chote that he’s “a really good brother,” which frustrates Seth because he thinks she should have had some questions about how that would work.

Adabelle calls Lis from Chicago, where she’s tracked Packer to a hotel. Packer is shown sitting across from an empty chair at a romantic restaurant.

Adabelle thinks Packer is having an affair and tells Lis she’s going to find out. She goes to sit across from Packer at the restaurant and he says to her, “What took you so long, darling?”

Apr. 20, 2021 | Who’s your alibi?

The 7-minute Tiny Secret Whispers installment from the night before was a bottle episode, meaning it takes place all in one location — the Gibson’s Steakhouse in Chicago where Adabelle found Packer at the end of the last episode.

Adabelle, it turns out, is Packer’s alibi: He was with her when the murders took place.

She refuses to clear Packer’s name by admitting to the affair, though, because it would break Lis’ heart. The two keep getting interrupted by their enthusiastic waiter right as things get intense.

Packer gets frustrated that Adabelle told the waiter she hadn’t been to “Gibbson’s with two B’s” before, because it leads to a lengthy introduction to the restaurant’s menu.

Adabelle confronts Packer, who says she should have lied, leading Adabelle to tell him that she’s not as good at lying as he is.

The waiter chooses this moment to reappear to share the restaurant’s specials, leading to an outburst by Packer, who wants to talk to his date “more than I talk to the fucking waiter.” Someone live-streams the confrontation, and the scene cuts to the beach house, where Chote finds Lis on the porch with something on his phone that he thinks she’ll want to see.

Apr. 27, 2021 | Mine your own business

Tiny Secret Whispers was off this week, but they didn’t tell anyone. Instead, they released an episode that was “just an hour it was just an hour of black, and then right at the end, it said, ‘We’re off this week.’”

Seth has an update from Butternut, which is now spelled “Bytternyt” because people thought Butternut was a food network. Seth thinks the new spelling is what’s preventing people from finding Tiny Secret Whispers.

Bytternyt has been sending Seth screeners for new shows, one of which takes place in West Virginia coal country with a Norwegian cast:

“It’s the story of what happens when a mining crew digs up not just the skeletal remains of a body but a secret the town has been hiding for decades. And it’s called “Mine Your Own Business.””
— Seth Meyers

May 4, 2021 | Most Likely to Be a Plant

Lis found out that Packer isn’t the killer, but that he is having an affair with Adabelle. The two go for a walk on the beach and have a moving conversation about where things went wrong. Seth’s only complaint is that Lis was crunching on carrot sticks throughout the entire emotional scene.

Lis mentions that it’s funny that they stayed together for there kids, but one of their kids is now in jail. Packer doesn’t think it’s funny, but that’s not what Lis meant.

Lis confronts Packer about the yearbook photo with Detective Delgado. Packer insists that he didn’t go to school with Delgado, and Lis asks if she’s supposed to believe that someone planted a fabricated yearbook in their home. Packer doesn’t know what to tell her.

When their son Chote gets home that night and they ask why he was out late, Chote says he had a late night “at yearbook.”

This episode was only 4 minutes, and it gets shorter every week.

May 25, 2021 | All we needed in the end

Seth reminds everyone that the Joel Edgerton, with a hard D-G, is not the same as the actor Joel Edgerton (with a soft dg). He says it’s even more confusing because the show’s director is Joe Ledgerton.

The latest episode takes place during Phillip Sexeter’s murder trial, which Seth says is Chote’s trial because he’s forgotten the difference between the twins.

Detective Delgado is on the stand, still yelling because of his damaged hearing from the gunshots during the roof chase. (Seth says he has to turn down the volume during Delgado’s scenes.)

While Delgado is talking about how he’s certain that Chote (Phillip Sexeter) is the killer, Lis whispers in the gallery that he’s an asshole.

“Actually, I’m not,” Delgado replied from the stand, showing that he’s been lying about his hearing, which leads to a mistrial.

As the family walks out of the courtroom, Packer tells Lis that he can’t believe she found Delgado out. Lis replies, “Well, I guess in the end, all we needed was a tiny secret whisper.”

Seth has a problem with how cheesy the ending was. Tiny Secret Whispers was supposed to be a drama, but the season ended with Lis looking right at the camera in a freeze frame. The end credits rolled with an ’80s sitcom-style jingle: “Tiny secret whispers are gonna get you out of a jam.”

May 27, 2021 | Joel Edgerton is not a fan of Joel Edgerton

During an interview on Late Night, Joel Edgerton (soft dg) told Seth that he’s not a fan of Tiny Secret Whispers’ Joel Edgerton (hard D-G), although he loves the actor who plays Detective Delgado.

He says he was asked to audition for TSW, but when tried to download “Pumpkin” (which Seth corrects to Bytternyt) he had problems with his Australian credit card.

Jun 22, 2021 | For Your Consideration…

Instead of promoting Late Night for Emmy consideration during the nominating period, Seth promotes Tiny Secret Whispers FYC.

He thinks it deserves an Emmy nomination for best limited series, best actor, best director and “that British lady who’s good in everything was great in this.”

Seth acknowledges that ending on the show’s titular line was controversial and says the original final line of The Sopranos was “It’s the Sopranos,” but it tested so poorly that they decided to cut to black.

During an appearance the same day, Seth asked author Brandon Taylor if he’d watched TSW, to which he replied, “Oh, yeah. I’m a fan. I’m a super fan. I’ve got a group chat.”

When Seth asked him if he thought the series had paid off, he said that the first couple of episodes were slow, but that it had a great arc.