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The history of Andy Samberg’s feud with Seth Meyers’ dog, Frisbee

One of the longest-running bits on Late Night with Seth Meyers is Andy Samberg’s feud with Seth’s Italian Greyhound, Frisbee.

Over more than 8 years of Late Night, Seth Meyers has tried repeatedly to stop Andy from mocking his dog, to no avail. What started with Seth calling Andy out during his first interview on Late Night for hating his dog has escalated to Andy finding increasingly creative ways to tell Seth that “Frisbee sucks.”

Seth, for his part, does his best to rally support for Frisbee any chance he gets.

The stage was set on Mar. 6, 2014, during just the second week of Late Night with Seth Meyers, when Seth said that Andy was the only person who’s ever met Frisbee who didn’t like her. He said that when he first introduced Andy to Frisbee when she was a puppy, Andy’s response was, “Oh, I don’t care for dogs.”

Since Andy was going to be a guest on an upcoming show, Seth called him out directly: “We’re going to get to the bottom of how cute my dog is, buddy.”

More than 8 years later, Seth hasn’t managed to break Andy down. Here’s the history of the Late Night chapter of Andy Samberg’s feud with Frisbee:

Mar. 10, 2014 | Seth confronts Andy on-air

At the end of Andy’s first appearance on the show, Seth brings up that he had called Andy out on-air the previous week. He gives some examples of how Andy doesn’t like Frisbee and then makes a squirming Andy own up to having said that he “had seen rocks that were cuter than Frisbee.”

Oct. 10, 2014 | Andy secretly has a soft spot for Frisbee

A photoshop of Andy Samberg in a tux holding the Italian greyhound Frisbee, who is in a bowtie
Late Night with Seth Meyers/Internet Archive

Seth reminds Andy of his previous rock comment and makes Andy play a game in which he has to choose which is cuter: Frisbee or a rock, and Frisbee or the Rock. Andy refuses to choose, so Seth gifts him a Photoshop of Andy holding Frisbee while she was dressed up for Seth’s wedding. Andy smiles and kisses the picture a few times.

June 13, 2016 | Ellie Kemper doesn’t understand Frisbee, either

Seth talks to actress Ellie Kemper about her discomfort around dogs. Ellie says she tries to act like she loves Frisbee but doesn’t understand her. Seth says that Andy will be happy to hear that Ellie isn’t a Frisbee fan, because he “doesn’t really like Frisbee, either.”

Jan. 10, 2019 | Being a parent didn’t soften Andy on Frisbee

Seth says Andy has always been cruel to Frisbee and asks if Andy feels any differently about Frisbee now that he’s a parent. “No,” Andy says, “but I will also say: You now have kids, and I’m like, ‘Why keep Frisbee?’”

Andy tells Seth that he appreciated that Seth’s wife, Alexi Ashe, wrote “(Caution: Frisbee photo contained herein)” on the envelope for their holiday card, but it didn’t make up for what he found inside:

Frisbee … with the Star of David?? Haven’t we been through enough, Seth? Freaking little skeleton rat.

Seth also reminds Andy of the year he sent the Meyers’ holiday card back to them with Frisbee’s photo cut out.

Feb. 4, 2020 | How Frisbee met Andy

Andy Samberg points at a photo of Seth Meyers' Italian greyhound Frisbee, who is dressed as a reindeer
Late Night with Seth Meyers/Internet Archive

Seth confronts Andy about having returned the Meyers family holiday card because the photo on the front was of Frisbee wearing a reindeer hat. Andy doubles down.

You might as well have sent me anthrax. Look at this piece of shit! I had to hire a cleaning crew because of all the barf in my house!

Andy says he’s hated Frisbee from the beginning, and as evidence, Seth tells the story of how Andy met Frisbee back when she was a tiny puppy:

We put her on your lap for a second, and you for real went [mimes being startled and jumping back with his hands in the air], and she just like, thumped onto the floor.

Andy responds by saying that he’s seen rats he likes more than Frisbee while walking home in New York at 4 a.m.

July 10, 2020 | Seth takes a shot at Andy for Frisbee

A photo on Instagram of Frisbee the Italian greyhound, which @/sethmeyers has captioned "Can't say enough good things about PALM SPRINGS available to stream on @hulu. Super tight, funny movie from @/thelonelyisland. Tried to get Frisbee to watch it with me but when she heard Samberg was in it she said she'd rather sleep with her nose close to her butthole. Obviously this Frisbee/Samberg feud brings be no joy but Andy DID start it and it's his place to extend the olive branch. He's on show Monday and I'm really hopeful he'll be the bigger man."

Seth took to Instagram with a photo of Frisbee curled up while sleeping to warn Andy that once again, he’d be confronting him about his Frisbee hatred on live TV:

Tried to get Frisbee to watch it with me but when she heard Samberg was in it she said she’d rather sleep with her nose close to her butthole. Obviously this Frisbee/Samberg feud brings be no joy but Andy DID start it and it’s his place to extend the olive branch. He’s on show Monday and I’m really hopeful he’ll be the bigger man.

July 13, 2020 | Seth makes Andy confront Frisbee over Zoom

Seth showed Andy his Instagram post, and Andy said he got excited when he saw the post because “in the picture, it almost looks like Frisbee is dead, which to me is like, ‘Whoa, Seth liked the movie AND the rat is dead. … It was jubilation. But then I read the caption and realized it was kind of a burn, and I was like, ‘That’s funny, but I wish Frisbee was dead.”

Seth tells Andy that he takes advantage of being on Late Night to lay into Frisbee, then gets Frisbee and asks Andy to “say it to her face.” Frisbee won’t look at Andy, Seth says, because “she hates you so much.”

Andy tells Frisbee that it’s all in good fun while holding up a Post-It that says “Frisbee sucks.” He tells Seth that he had the Post-It ready because he was “gonna do it no matter what. Frisbee sucks, dude!”

Sept. 23, 2020 | Sarah Paulson thinks Andy is wrong about Frisbee

Seth tells actress Sarah Paulson, who loves Frisbee, that Andy thinks Frisbee is an “ugly rat monster.” Sarah, aghast, responds that “Frisbee is the greatest dog ever and beautiful beyond measure, like a fawn and a baby deer in the woods, so Andy Samberg actually doesn’t what he’s talking about.”

Seth responds that anyone watching his show would realize that Sarah is “a person of taste, whereas he is a gutter dweller.”

“I don’t know the guy, but I’m gonna say yes,” Sarah responded, mentioning that she doesn’t know Andy.

Sept. 28, 2020 | Andy’s plague includes a Frisbee diss

While playing the Mummy Whose Doink Fell Off, Andy holds up a frog puppet with a Post-It note on it that says “Frisbee sucks.”

Feb. 23, 2021 | Andy interrupts Colin Jost’s interview to say ‘Frisbee sucks’

Andy derailed Seth’s interview with SNL’s Colin Jost by sending a message to the studio to have Seth ask Andy to check his texts. Andy messages Colin repeatedly about how he hopes he isn’t interrupting Colin’s interview, and throws in an “Also Frisbee sucks, right? The dog.” He asks Colin to reply because he’s spinning out: “Need to know you hate Frisbee.”

Aug. 11, 2021 | Andy makes up the Frisbee Virus to troll Seth

Italian greyhound Frisbee's head photoshopped on a 3D model of the coronavirus
Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

Andy joins Late Night to try out a new character, Dr. Andthony Fauchberg, who is there to warn us about the Frisbee virus. He tells an increasingly fed up Seth how to know if you’ve caught the Frisbee virus, how to protect against it, how the virus started and what kind of vaccine it requires.

Seth’s exasperated “Oh, fuck off, Andy” at 2:00 is as genuine as it gets.

In another Aug. 11 segment, while explaining his delay in responding to holiday cards, Andy tells Seth that he really liked the Meyers family’s 2020 holiday card because Frisbee wasn’t featured. He asks Seth to say on the count of three why Frisbee didn’t make the cut for the card:

Seth: “Frisbee is adorable.”
Andy: “Ugly piece of shit rat dog piece of shit.”

Seth reminds Andy that when Frisbee was on the holiday card a couple years prior, Andy had “sent it back to us, which is the only time in my life we’ve received a holiday card back. You didn’t even want it in your home.”

“It was stinking up the joint,” Andy responded.

Sept. 16, 2021| Seth makes the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast pick a side

Tweet: This is actually a question for Seth about B99. Seth, would you agree that B99 is a great show and also that your dog Frisbee is an ugly piece of shit that looks like a rat skeleton that was puked up by an acid monster?

Seth interviews the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine after the series finale and reads a tweet (allegedly not written by Andy) that refers to Frisbee as a “ugly piece of shit that looks like a rat skeleton that was puked up on by an acid monster.”

After getting Andy to admit that it actually was his tweet, Seth shows a photo of Frisbee to the B99 cast and goes around the room one at a time so they can say whether Frisbee is “a good dog or a bad dog.” Six “good dog”s and an “ehh” later, Andy says Frisbee is a “steaming hot pile of shit.”

The night before, Seth said while promoting the cast interview that if Andy “says one cross word about my beloved dog, Frisbee, I’m not asking him any questions. We will cut his mic; I swear on that.”

Oct. 26, 2021 | Seth imagines Andy telling him ‘Frisbee sucks’

In response to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) getting pulled away from an interview by a member of her own party, Seth imagines watching Andy Samberg get pulled off Late Night in the middle of an interview, and texting him later to find out what happened:

iMessages between Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers, as described below.

Seth: Hey man what was that?
As Andy: Sorry, I forgot to tell you…
Seth: Forgot to tell me what?
As Andy: Frisbee sucks

Nov. 24, 2021 | Andy takes the feud to a whole new level

Seth wants to give Andy a chance to “walk back some of the crueler things” he’s said about Frisbee. Andy declines, but tells Seth that he has some “hot goss” that he isn’t going to like.

Andy shows Seth photos of Frisbee “canoodling with the Mummy Whose Doink Fell Off.” He says he assumes all the photos were taken “probably post-coital” and tortures Seth into fits of laughter by describing each one.

Seth laughs out of control throughout, but really loses it when Andy says this:

The point is, Frisbee is being sexually satisfied — finally, no thanks to you.

Andy says the fact that Frisbee chose the Mummy over the Stefon doll on Seth’s desk proves that the Mummy is a better and more enduring character than Stefon: “I’ve always said that and you know that.”

Seth’s response? That he’s never met anyone who would burn him by “playing out a scenario where you had a lot of sex with my dog.”