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A timeline of Seth Meyers’ journey at Impression Camp

Seth Meyers may not have been known for his impressions during his time at SNL, but the comedian has taken to peppering ‘A Closer Look’ and Corrections with an ever-growing collection of impressions ranging from politicians to celebrities to (caricatures of) his own staff. He told IndieWire that the fun of his impressions comes from not thinking too hard about them:

“That has been the joy of this, having come from a place where when you do an impression, there’s a wig and there’s wardrobe and there’s makeup and there’s all these things that make you think it has to be a professional impression, whereas now it’s just the freedom to be very stupid. And it’s a lot of fun.”


Below, find the details of Seth’s journey to becoming the next “impression guy” thanks to Impression Camp.