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The stories behind everything on Seth Meyers’ Late Night desk

Objects on Seth Meyers' desk at late night

If you’ve watched Late Night with any regularity over the years, you know that Seth Meyers’ desk accouterments have expanded since the first broadcast in 2014. And in 2021, Seth added bonus Easter eggs that can only be seen in Corrections.

Seth referred to his desk collection as a “menagerie of lovely things” in this episode of Corrections. Read on for the stories behind each of the items you can spot on Seth’s desk during a Late Night broadcast.


SE Electronics SE 4400A Microphone (Show #1)

Late-night talk show hosts no longer have to rely on their wired desk mics as their primary audio input, since a clip-on lavalier microphone (Seth uses a Sennheiser MKE-2) provides consistently high sound quality regardless of what the host is doing. Seth’s desk microphone (an SE Electronics SE 4400A) is fully functional anyway, as you can hear at the end of this Kate McKinnon interview:

Late Night with Seth Meyers mug (Show #1)

A mug featuring the Late Night logo has been on Seth’s desk from day one. New York design agency Eight and a Half created the logo, which was meant to bridge the gap between Seth’s news anchor days on SNL’s Weekend Update and his hosting gig:

It’s fast-moving and energetic with a nod to news graphics from the days of yore. And since Seth has such a unique perspective on the world, we liked the idea that he was on the other side of the line, different from your standard late night host.

More than 8 years later, the decision has turned out to be a prescient one as Seth and his team have firmly embraced the host’s more political nature and he spends more time in an anchor role.

NBC Affiliate Mug (Show #1)

Seth’s desk has featured rotating mugs from various NBC affiliates across the country since the first episode, thanks to a suggestion from Robby Thomas, the marketing director at WNCN in Raleigh, N.C. The station’s mug became the first featured on LNSM when it premiered on Feb. 24, 2014.

Stefon Nesting Doll (Show #1)

The nesting doll painted to look like Stefon — the notorious NYC correspondent played by Bill Hader on Weekend Update — was given to Seth as a gift. The rest of the doll, including pieces painted to look like Kate McKinnon and Fred Armisen, is on a shelf in Seth’s 30 Rock office.

“Stefon is on camera every night, which makes me very happy,” Seth told a SXSW audience in 2014.

A tight shot of the Matryoshka doll on Seth Meyers' Late Night desk and a coffee mug with the Late Night logo. The doll is painted to look like Bill Hader's Stefon character from SNL.
Late Night with Seth Meyers/NBC

Vintage Pencils (Show #1)

The Late Night mug is home to Seth’s collection of vintage NFL pencils, which he has said remind him of his childhood in the ‘80s. He recently explained his fondness for the pencils to the Detroit Free Press while talking about attending elementary school in Michigan:

The thing I remember most about Edgewood is we used to have these machines in the hallway and you would put in 50 cents … and you would get two pencils. The pencils were NFL pencils. But this is before there were any licensing deals, so it was only the colors of the (football) team and the team’s name along the pencil.And if you look at the pencils in my desk on “Late Night,” those are the pencils. I found them on eBay because I had such fond memories of the pencils that were in the hallway at Edgewood Elementary.

Seth said during an early episode of Late Night that when Paul Rudd hosted SNL in late 2013, the two had recalled the pencils while talking about their shared love of football. When it came time to decide what to put on his desk, he wanted something that would bring him comfort — and headed to eBay to get the pencils shown below.

Objects on Seth Meyers' desk at late night, including a wooden figurine about the height of a nickel, painted to look like the Belushi Bee
Late Night with Seth Meyers/NBC

The Awesomes Doll (Show #74)

July 22 of that year brought the first addition to Seth’s Late Night desk following the show’s premiere: a Prock doll from The Awesomes, an adult animated comedy series created by Seth and Late Night producer Mike Shoemaker that ran on Hulu from 2013–2015. Seth voiced the character of Prock Awesome, shown above, the young leader of a team of superheroes tasked with rebuilding a previously illustrious group.

Kevin Smith’s Joint (Show #943)

After summer ’14, Seth didn’t add anything new to his desk collection until Jan. 28, 2020, when Kevin Smith gave him one of the actor’s personal label joints to put in his Late Night mug “so that every time I watch the show, it’s always there?”

You can just seek Kevin’s joint peeking out through the NFL pencils in Seth’s Late Night mug if you look at the tight shot above.

The Mummy Whose Doink Fell Off (Show #1056)

The first Andy Samberg-inspired desk addition followed Andy’s Sept. 28 Late Night appearance as one of the mummies that had been discovered in an Egyptian well. During the interview, Andy did a bit inspired by Shoemaker and head writer Alex Baze[ Link to respective character bios] that leads to the desk mummy’s speech bubble: “MY DOINK FELL OFF!”

The mummy made its first appearance on Oct. 26, 2020. Seth and Andy talk about the desk mummy here. Watch Seth’s interview with the Mummy Whose Doink Fell Off below.

Frisbee Statuette (Show #1243)

A recent addition to Seth’s desk is a large figurine of Frisbee, Seth’s Italian greyhound. When Andy Samberg appeared on Late Night on Nov. 24, 2021, he declined Seth’s invitation to walk back his previous comments about Seth’s dog — instead opting to burn Seth by playing out a scenario in which his Mummy Whose Doink Fell Off had a lot of sex with Frisbee.

The Frisbee statuette, complete with a speech bubble that says “doink me again, mummy” made its first Late Night appearance on the show on Jan. 17, 2022.

Belushi Bee (Show #1314)

On June 28, 2022, Seth added a tiny “seed” — the smallest figure in a nesting doll — painted to look like John Belushi’s SNL bee character. Both the Belushi Bee and a George Lucas doll (the outermost part of a nesting doll a fan painted for the Star Wars creator) came to the Late Night desk courtesy of George Lucas himself (Connor Ratliff), who indefinitely loaned them to Seth after fans of The George Lucas Show raised more than $45K for the National Network of Abortion Funds in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

Seth offered to place a different part of the doll on his desk depending on how much was raised by the end of the show week, but donors had surpassed the $40K goal within a day.

On a Zoom call, Seth Meyers holds up a tiny wooden figurine painted to look like the Belushi bee.
The George Lucas Talk Show/YouTube

George Lucas Nesting Doll (Show #1315)

The day after adding the Belushi Bee, Seth added the George Lucas doll, as well, fulfilling the commitment he made on Tuesday during The George Lucas Show.

On a Zoom call, Seth Meyers holds up a nesting doll painted to look like George Lucas.
The George Lucas Talk Show/YouTube

Cue Card Wally Figurine (Show #1377)

This is the rare physical Late Night-Corrections crossover, as Seth doesn’t usually display Corrections-themed items during the week. During the Week of Monday, January 9 episode of Corrections, he said that someone had sent the tiny Wally figurine (holding a sign that says “JACKALS RULE”) to the show’s P.O. Box, and that Wally can have it once he can prove that items sent there are legally his. 

Someone sent a package to our P.O. box, and it was addressed to Wally. I opened it — out of kindness — because, you know, it was to Wally, so I assumed it would be, like, dog shit or anthrax. But I forgot Wally is beloved.


These objects are only visible on Seth’s desk during Corrections (posted on YouTube at 1 a.m. every Friday aside from hiatus weeks). 

Jackals Mug (Corrections #12)

Many weeks, new episodes of Corrections include a new mug that Seth comes up with and asks his production team to create based on previous episodes and inside jokes. The first custom (and underrated) Corrections mug said “Jackal Paws Tackle Flaws” and appeared in the “Week of Monday, June 7 (2021)” episode, posted June 11, 2021.