Seth Meyers behind his Late Night desk with "Corrections" written in the lower third of the screen. The key at the top left of his shoulder shows the Late Night logo with "Corrections: It's a massive waste of time."

I waded into what everyone said was a cesspool, and I found some very nice people there. … Thank you so much for the way that you’ve engaged with this show, because we do feel like it’s better, and it’s different, and we’ve enjoyed being on that journey.

Editors note: Due to a disastrous recent website update, I’m in the process of redoing recaps for the entire series. Consider this a fresh start from episode 80 onward, with recaps posting every Friday. I plan to backfill recaps for the full series over the next few months so it’s easier to track down callbacks and other references you may have missed (: 

Corrections, I feel like we all kind of know why we’re there. And it’s a good group of people to hang out with.